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It’s a chronic illness affecting over a million of us. Yet, in the UK, psoriasis is a subject rarely discussed. Often referred to as ‘just a skin condition,’ the psychological impact of psoriasis can be widely underestimated.

Rena Ramani is a young woman from north London who has battled with the disease since her early teens. Now, at what she describes as the lowest physical and emotional point of her life, Rena shares with us her journey to better understand this illness. She hears the moving stories of fellow sufferers from around the country, and gets the chance to talk to the healthcare community directly – even challenging one GP to spend some time in her shoes. In this groundbreaking film by acclaimed director James Routh, we are given access to the intimate thoughts and feelings of a young woman whose life has been turned upside down by psoriasis. And, as Rena Ramani’s journey draws to an end, we watch as this brave woman is left to face one of her greatest fears.

This documentary was funded by a grant from Leo Pharma. Code:2010/10754 May 2011
Part 3